Membership Information

Membership is available to graduates from all Institutions of Higher Education, with an undergraduate degree or its equivalent from any university or institution of higher education.

Wishing to become a member? Please use the contact details at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the Membership Co-ordinator who will provide you with the Application for Membership form.

You will also be provided with the Branch Information Document which you will need to complete and submit with your application for membership.

As Sunshine Coast is a branch of Graduate Women Qld (GWQ), applications, after being received by the Branch, are then sent to GWQ and considered by the Queensland Committee. Membership is based on the financial year.

The annual membership fee (GWQ) is $100, of which $15 is returned to the Sunshine Coast Branch. Sunshine Coast is considered as ‘country membership’. The remaining $85 covers affiliation with state (Graduate Women Qld – GWQ), national (Australian Federation of Graduate Women - AFGW) and international (Graduate Women International -GWI) bodies

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