Education Bursaries

GWQ SC presents bursaries to women students at USC on an annual basis.

The application process for undergraduate bursaries is channelled through the Scholarships Office of USC.
Selection process is managed by a branch committee, according to established guidelines

We congratulate all of our Bursary recipients!

bursay winners 2018
Sara Saeidi

Sara is the winner of the $1,500 bursary from the 2017 Queensland Community Service Award.
Sara is studying Diploma of Nursing at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane. She spoke eloquently about her family background and her aspirations for future study.

bursay winners 2018
USC Undergraduate Bursary Winners, 2018
Asha Sara, Nicole Lambert, Melissa Bartels

bursay winner 2017
Noami Shanahan winner of the 2017 Engineering bursary, valued at $500

Summer Bateman (STEMM) received a $500 bursary to assist with entry to USC in 2018

We congratulate our 2017 Undergraduate Bursary recipients

Julie Reeves - B Environmental Management
Kate Whitaker - B Business
Eliza Berry - B Occupational Therapy (Honours)

2017 Bursary Recipients: Julie Reeves, Kate Whitaker and Eliza Berry

Left to right: Committee members Janet Sweatman and Robyn Redknap
with Bursary recipients Julie Reeves, Kate Whitaker and Eliza Berry
with two other committee members Marijke Boonstra and Committee Chair Judy Allinson


STEMM (Burnside SHS)

For further details regarding USC undergraduate scholarships and bursaries please contact:
USC Scholarships Office